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Top 10 best home gym equipment

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Why run to the gym when you can set up your own workout space at home! Now you can save yourself the tedious trip to the gym and annoying monthly expenses. To get the best results at home you need quality equipment. Here is a list of the top 10 best home exercise equipment.

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The key to better fitness is to move more. To embark on a new sporty lifestyle, you must therefore first determine your starting position. What about your daily exercise? A fitness bracelet also tracks the number of steps you take each day and the number of calories you burn. The device also gives you tips on how to improve your daily fitness. When you achieve these goals, it rewards you and motivates you to keep going: the personal trainer on your wrist!

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Elliptical trainer

The elliptical trainer is the most popular resistance machine in the fitness studio and is therefore often already occupied. This can’t happen with your at-home elliptical trainer. The elliptical trainer strains the muscles of the whole body and is particularly gentle on the joints. Exercising also burns a lot of calories: on the elliptical, up to 700 calories are lost per hour.

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Tapis Roulant

An exercise machine will hardly make you sweat more than a treadmill. The advantage over running in the air: You can adjust the incline to your mood and control your training pace very precisely. Compared to other exercise machines, treadmills are often very large and noisy. However, there are also models that can be folded up to save space.

home treadmill

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The rowing machine is also a classic among exercise bikes. It lends itself very well to resistance and strengthens the muscles of the whole body. Especially for strengthening the back and improving posture, it is an ideal partner.

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Do you like cycling but it’s raining outside? Then shift your workout to the spinning bike. This will train your fitness and strength. Unlike the ergometer, the resistance on the spinning bike is usually generated mechanically. A brake pad acts on the flywheel. The resistance can be adjusted. Particularly ambitious cyclists prefer spinning bikes for training at home.

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The dumbbells

Dumbbells or kettlebells are part of free weight training. You can use the small devices to strengthen your muscles in a very targeted way. The biceps and triceps in particular benefit from the training. Dumbbells are available in many weight classes. The devices are preserved particularly well.

home dumbbells

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Multifunctional weight bench

Get this home gym! A multifunctional weight bench allows most of the classic weight training exercises. The advantage with the weight bench is that you never have to wait for the device to be free and it allows you to do different exercises. Disadvantage: You need additional equipment to train your endurance.

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boxing set

A boxing set is perfect for venting frustration, relieving stress and improving fitness at the same time. Boxing is the perfect combination of strength and endurance. You can easily mount the punching bag to a stable hook on the ceiling.

le coq sportif gym boxing sports suit

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fitness starter kit

Do you love fitness classes, but can’t stand crowded gyms? With a home fitness set, you can easily train in the living room. Beginner sets usually contain a mat, stepper, small dumbbells and expanders.

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yoga equipment

If you are looking for relaxation in your own four walls and still want to strengthen your muscles gently, it is advisable to use a yoga set. The most important thing for the home yoga class is a good fitness mat and possibly a yoga block.

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For best results, it matters properly equip your gym. THE the best equipment for your gym I am : yoga equipmentTHE fitness starter kit, boxing setTHE Multifunctional weight benchTHE DumbbellsTHE inner wheel, Treadmill Rain, snow or heat, rowing machineTHE Elliptical trainer and the activity bracelet On the wrist

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