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The most effective home workout to get a flat stomach

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You liked mine home workout for fat burning ? I invite you to discover a new set of exercises, designed for get a flat tummy in no time ! Indeed, melting your fat mass will allow you to refine yourself. But to get a toned abs, you’ll need to go a little further.

But when you want to play sports at home, you can quickly get lost. Building your workout isn’t easy when you don’t know what you’re doing.

I therefore invite you to follow two programs, designed to stimulate your abs. In addition to tightening the tummy, you will be able to fight love handles. You will also strengthen your legs with certain exercises.

In addition to the recommendations on my blog, you can find out on the following site other sports programs to follow from home.

An easy home sports program, for a guaranteed flat stomach effect!

Of course, as with your first sports session at home, no equipment is required.

Again, I still urge you to get a Fitness mat. You can find them in sporting goods stores between 5 and 20€. There are more or less expensive ones, but for starters, a cheap classic model will do just fine!
Indeed, several exercises require support on the floor: on the knees, on the arms, on the back, in a sitting position… Whether you have a parquet or linoleum floor, it can be quite uncomfortable without a mat.
For Box Jumping, if you don’t have the right equipment, the steps will do just fine. Otherwise, you can replace it with another one from our program!

This training is accessible to all, regardless of your sporting level. However, you will need to know the moves to perform them correctly. Not only will you avoid injuries, but you will also achieve better results!

Regular exercise is essential for having a flat stomach

Yeah, you know, you can’t expect to see a difference after two sessions. The same is true if you exercise once every two weeks. I therefore advise you, if you want to be able to go all the way to your goal, to a set a pace for yourself to train.
For example, you can configure three or four weekly sessions about 30-45 minutes of sports.
On the other hand, don’t neglect rest days, which are very important for progress. If you persist, you risk hurting yourself and you won’t get the desired results.

In short, you have to find the right balance, suitable for you and what you need!

Our list of exercises to do during your workout at home

For the two sessions that I suggest you can follow the same rhythm as in the previous article (30 seconds for each exercise and for each rest period). However, it will take adapter the number of sets, repetitions, as well as the running and rest time at your level!

It’s not necessarily easy to assess your abilities on your own when you’re starting out. For this, you can start by running the first session three times. You’ll then be at 13 minutes and 30 seconds of effort, which you can supplement as needed.
This scenario will already allow you to estimate your capabilities. You can then adjust the duration to your liking. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to get someone to accompany you!

Session 1: Getting started

  • Plank
  • Climber
  • Repos
  • Crunches
  • Jumping Jack
  • Repos
  • Candelabrum Pose (Yoga Asana)
  • Empty
  • Repos

Session 2: Deepen and increase the difficulty

  • Shoulder strike
  • Oblique crunches
  • Repos
  • Hollow rock
  • Russian twist
  • Repos
  • Military sheath
  • Box jump
  • Repos

In addition to this program dedicated to abs

If your diet leaves something to be desired, the first results will be slow to be felt. Do not hesitate to review the composition of your meals.
It’s not about going on a crash diet, because eat healthy it’s enough. This does not exclude small pleasures. Plus, it’s essential for good health!

Finally, don’t hesitate to vary the sessions. Even if you want to have a flat stomach as a priority, diversifying your exercises is important. You will avoid boredom and have a more harmonious result. For this, I refer you to the other articles on my blog or to the ones I mentioned above.
To continue the work of the abs, you can also follow the advice of an academic, in the article he devoted to abdominal exercises. This will allow you to learn more from an anatomical point of view.
You also have, on the same site above, more information on how you can perfect yourself. Follow this link to learn more about how to get a flat stomach.

Do not hesitate to return your impressions in the comments!

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