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NFL Season 2022 Predictions with NFL on Fox Mark Schlereth


Hey, we can’t be worse than ESPN.

Spoke to NFL on Fox host and 3x Super Bowl Champion Marco Schlereth on the eve of the 2022 NFL season and got his input to bring you these predictions.

I am proud to say that after writing his name in articles so frequently for many years I can finally write it without googling.

Mark provides his predictions and we predict the ENTIRE 2022 NFL SEASON in ONE MINUTE VIA THIS VIDEO:

1 Minute NFL 2022 Predictions! Mark Schlereth NFL on FOX

STINK SPEAKS (thanks to LG, Papa John’s, Bush’s Beans and Slickdeals):

Mark, who are the two best teams in each conference and who do you expect to be watching on that BEAUTIFUL LG TV behind you in the Final 4 at the time of the AFC and NFC championship?

“Right now I would go Bills v Chiefs in a rematch for the AFC championship. And then Bucs v Rams in the NFC championship. I would say the Packers, but I think the Packers will make the Packers when it comes to playoff time. That’s pretty much what they do, right? »

At the end of the year who is the 2022 NFL MVP and who is the defensive POY?

“NFL MVP goes to a QB I hate. It’s like the Heisman Trophy: it’s the HYPEman. He’s who gets the most hype on QB. For me the best football player in the NFL is Aaron Donald. As long as he doesn’t throw helmets at people, he’s unstoppable. He should win MVP but he won’t. But he will win NFL DPOY.

The odds on the favorite to win the Super Bowl are counting. But that division is loaded. Worst case scenario, Pats and Phins win 8-9 games, and I think the Jets with that improved defense will win 4+ games. Are the Bills overrated?

“They have a great young quarterback in Josh Allen. They have made some nice additions to their roster. In defense, adding by Miller. They have a great reception body with a mix of young and experienced guys. I love Knox, their tight end. Roger Saffold probably isn’t as famous as he should be, but he’s one of the most physical offensive linemen in football. All of these things add up nicely.

“But here’s the deal: Part of winning a championship, and I can attest to that as a 3-time Super Bowl winner, is being healthy at the end of the season and playing well at the end of the season. And to do that, you have to have some luck.

I understand that everyone is choosing accounts and I would probably cast them too. But if you’re saying the Bills versus rest of the field in the AFC, I’ll take rest of the field. With all those young QBs – da Patrick Mahomes TO Russell Wilson – not young but still very good – a Joe Butter. Justin Herbert in Caricalandia. There are a lot of great young players in the AFC right now.

Predictions for the 2022 NFL Regular Season and Playoffs

AFC East

Random notes: I think at the end of 2022 we will look back and say this is the best division in football. The Patriots will win at least 8 games. The revamped Dolphins will win 8 games.

The Jets are my sleeper team of the year – how about a prediction? With that beefed up defense and some young studs on offense via the NFL Draft, Saleh has this thing going in the right direction. Based on that, if the Bills win 12 games or more, I’d be impressed. I would put money on 11. AFC is uploaded in 2022.

AFC West
Battery charger

Random Notes: The Chiefs have won this division 7 years in a row and this will be the eighth. I know Chargers are a sexy choice, but a Charger is going to be a Charger. Just ask Mike McCoy OR Anthony Lynn. It’s in their DNA to blow up one-score games, like the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

The Raiders don’t get enough sparkle. Josh McDaniels will complete Hunter RenrowThe full transition Wes Welker.

I have no faith in the Broncos. I’m firmly rooted in the « Russell Wilson gets too much credit for his success » camp. What won without the Legion of Boom? Well, I’ll tell you, a playoff win in 3 tries. And I’m tired of seeing him and Ciara everywhere as the new Power Couple. She’s not a generational singer and he’s not a generational QB.

AFC South

Random notes: Would anyone care if there was an earthquake and this split fell all the way to the center of the earth and melted into its (presumably) molten core? The Colts win the division by default.

Titans have no WR and have had enough trouble generating offense already. I feel like Derrick Henry stands for 1) getting hurt or 2) getting shut down by opposing defenses, unless he has a 2012 Adrian Peterson season.

I think the Texans will improve and win more than the four wins of 2021, thanks to Lovie Smith and his new commitment to the running game.

The jaguars…Trevor Lorenzo it will improve below Doug Pederson. They spent a lot of free agent money to help him, but Eva Engram sucked in New York and Christian Kirk he was the beneficiary of the guns around him in Arizona.

AFC North

Random Notes The Bengals (or « Bungles » from my youth) are the sex-soaked pick to win the division and Sam Wyche I would like.

The Ravens finished in last place in the division in 2021.

The Steelers will work Najee Harris like a young Jerome Bettis to the Rams.

The Browns are interesting: Skill positions players high in the wazoo. They are 1 season removed from being the best rushing team in the NFL. Jacoby Brissett is better than you think.

Red Indian

Random Notes: Cowboys win this split by default, like every year in recent memory. But that offense isn’t as dynamic or « talented » as people will have you believe. #DakDependent

The Eagles are a hot pick thanks to the newly bolstered offense and anticipated wow factor of Jaylen Hurts.

The Washington Commandos should benefit from Wentz, but they are a classic 7-10 Riverboat Ron team.

Giants are not very good.

Western NFC

Random Notes: The Rams got even better in the offseason after winning the Super Bowl.

49ers with Lance are .500. With Jimmy Garoppolo they are a playoff team. I wonder how many weeks it will take Kyle Shanahan to figure that out.

Cardinals are completely overrated led by Kyler Murray. Murray’s starting record is 22-23-1. Baker Mayfieldit’s 29-30. And is Murray somehow worth $200 million? Make sense.

Geno Smith is the starting quarterback for the Seahawks. What is this, 2015?

NFC North

Random Notes: The Packers will be sleepwalking towards a division title though Mark Murphy came down from the front office and played WR.

The Vikings will be good at sneaking and clinch a spot in the playoffs.

Lions and Bears both suck, and I’m a Bears fan.

NFC South

Random Notes: Tompa Bay is somewhat in disarray. Marital discord for Tom Brady, new coach, WR body hurting, offensive line woes, but they’re still better than any other team in this division.

I don’t understand the hype from the Saints. Their entire season depends on James Winston. Would you like to be at that point? Somehow they have the number for Tampa Bay.

The Panthers need McCaffery to stay healthy and he probably won’t: He’s played in 10 games in the past two seasons.

The Falcons have a 30-year-old WR playing RB and not a single WR you could name outside of Drake London. AND Marco Mariota play QB. What is this 2015?

NFL Playoffs 2023 Predictions:

In case you forgot, the playoff format has changed. There are a total of 14 teams, seven from each conference. The top seed from each conference has a bye to the divisional round. Previously they were the top two seeds, now only one in each conference.

AFC Top 7

Colts – division champion
Bills Division Champion
Bengals – division champion
Chiefs – division champion
Marauders – wild cards
Ravens – joker
Dolphins – wild card

NFC Top 7

Packers – division champion
Cowboys – division champion
Rams – division champion
Buccaneers – division champion
Vikings – joker
Eagles – jokers
49ers – wild card

AFC Championship 2023 = Chiefs vs. Bills
NFC Championship 2023 = Rams vs. Buccaneers

Super Bowl = Chiefs versus Rams

Super Bowl Champion = CAPI