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NFL beer prices, ticket prices and hot dogs by team


They should be called the Chicago Beers because you need a lot to watch them. The Bears may suck on the field, but that doesn’t mean Virginia McCaskey and her cronies are going to take it easy on you at the concession stand.

At $11.00 per beer, Soldier Field beer prices are tied for 3rd most expensive in the NFL with the Los Angeles Chargers, Buffalo Bills and Los Angeles Rams.

The Jacksonville Jaguars, San Francisco 49ers and New Orleans Saints are all in second place at $11.50.

The team with the most expensive beer in the NFL is the Washington Redskins… waaaaah the Washington Commandos at FOURTEEN DOLLARS A BEER!

Here is the complete list of NFL beer prices by team listed from cheapest to most expensive:

Lions $5
Hawks $5
Jets $5
Bengal $5.27
Texans $6
Ravens $6.50
Brown $6.50
Cardinals $6.50
Broncos $7.50
Colt $8
Heads $8.50
Loot $9
Steelers $9.29
Cowboys $9.50
Packers $9.50
Vikings $10
Titans $10.50
Panthers $10.50
Seahawks $10.50
Patriots $10.50
Eagles $11
Giants $11
Dolphins $11
Bring $11
Charger $11
Bills $11
Rams $11
Jaguars $11.50
49ers $11.50
Saints $11.50
Buccaneers $11.50
Commanders $14

But to get into an NFL stadium for the « luxury » of buying an overpriced beer, you first have to buy a ticket.

In 2012, the average ticket price for an NFL game was just $190. In 2021, the average ticket is a much higher $457.

Here are the most expensive NFL tickets for 2023 from most expensive to cheapest, this average includes home and away games.

The Tom Brady-led Bucs are the most expensive, thanks to what is presumably his last NFL season.

The Cowboys are the most valuable of all NFL franchises, so it’s no surprise to see them with the second most expensive tickets.

Buccaneers $757.26
Cowboys $690.14
Raiders $674.57
Patriots $643.27
Packers $575.57
Broncos $529.95
49ers $508.69
Steelers $497.14
Rams $484.08
Bears $477.55
Eagles $475
Chiefs $453.26
Bengali $452.91
Seahawks $429.61
Vikings $385.62
Crows $380.91
Commanders $356
hawks $352.55
Battery charger $348.96
Invoices $347
Titans $344.33
Giants $328.9
Panthers $316.91
Dolphins $310.57
Colt $307.95
Texans $307.69
Saints $304.67
Browns $282.43
Cardinals $276.13
jets $265.17
Jaguars $258.35
Lions $244.68

Below is a list of the NFL team’s most expensive to cheapest hot dogs.

While the Bears’ offense and general lack of talent on either side of the ball will make you want to gag, the $7.50 you’ll pay for a hot dog is the 2nd most expensive NFL hot dog.

While watching the league’s worst offense will force you to skip no chunks, the most expensive hot dogs reside in Los Angeles as both the Chargers and Rams charge $8 per dog.

And I’ve always thought the « LA diet » was an ice cube and a breath of air.

The Falcons have the cheapest hot dogs in the NFL at a reasonable $2 per dog.

Battery charger $8
Rams $8
Bears $7.50
Seahawks $7.49
Invoices $7.25
Buccaneers $7
Steelers $6.94
Jaguars $6.75
Vikings $6.75
Lions $6.50
Browns $6.50
Packers $6.25
Eagles $6.25
jets $6
Cowboys $6
Saints $6
Broncos $6
Titans $6
Commanders $6
Panthers $5.99
Colt $5.75
Bengali $5.66
49ers $5.50
Texans $5.25
Chiefs $5
Cardinals $4.75
Patriots $4.50
Dolphins $4
Crows $3.25
Raiders $3
Giants $3
hawks $2

Take a look and then realize that the average price for an 11-pack of Bar S hot dogs from Wal-Mart costs $6.48, and a 12-pack of Bud Lights costs about $12.

Considering the prices it’s amazing how bright and fat people are at NFL games.