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focus on the Yonex brand

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Are you passionate about badminton? Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced level in the sport, you know that your choice of equipment matters. Indeed, quality equipment greatly affects the performance of players. Among the best-known manufacturers in the badminton world, it is difficult not to note the Japanese brand Yonex. Between efficiency, technology and versatility, this manufacturer’s equipment is appreciated by the vast majority of badminton players. Rackets, shoes and player clothing, we tell you everything you need to know about Yonex brand badminton equipment.

History of the Japanese brand Yonex

The Yonex adventure began in 1946 in the Japanese capital, with what was originally a simple company manufacturing floats and fishing nets. However, with the influence and advancement of technology, its founder Minoru Yoneyama saw his equipment quickly outclassed by more successful others. Therefore, he finds himself forced to follow the trend and pulls his own first badminton racket Yoneyama in 1961. Between 1973 and 1974, the company became Yonex and adorned itself with its new colors (blue and green). Between 1968 and 1984, the brand adapted well to technologies. Switch from aluminum rackets to much lighter, therefore isometric, models.

Nothing can therefore slow down this company which has been able to diversify its product range, but also establish itself in the world of tennis and golf. He soon becomes the official sponsor of an important badminton competition. Even more, since the 1990s, Yonex has been chosen to officially equip badminton players during the Olympic Games for several years. It should be noted that it has also sponsored many very famous players and is a partner in a large number of competitions. Yonex is now absolutely essential in the world of badminton. The manufacturer is also one of the best in Asia and even Europe, when it comes to the equipment used in this sport.

Why do badminton players prefer Yonex equipment?

The Yonex brand has established itself in heart of badminton players, and it is not without cause. For players, especially pros, it’s essential to stay efficient and even beginners agree that quality equipment allows you to be really efficient. Equipped with the best technologies, Yonex equipment easily meets the needs of players. The more advanced and demanding players will find what they are looking for. This equipment is designed to both fit badminton players and help them improve their skills.

Likewise, players choose them to stay on top during competitions. They really appreciate the big quality of this badminton equipment which allow them to gain in technique, speed and safety. Also, when you’re a player, it’s important to have equipment that matches your style, but also your level of play. Yonex equipment exists in different categories and models to precisely meet the gaming needs of gamers. , according to them different levels and positions.

An attacker doesn’t need the same racket as a defender. In addition, the Yonex brand produces everything a badminton player needs, from rackets to shoes, nets and clothing. It is always advantageous to be able to find all your equipment from the same manufacturer. Many choose the Yonex badminton shoes for added stability and flexibility, especially those who beginners in badminton practice.

The benefits of Yonex badminton shoes and clothing

With the experience and know-how accumulated over fifty years, the Yonex brand has gone from strength to strength and now offers high performance badminton equipment. If the manufacturer started with rackets, today we cannot miss shoes and clothing for badminton players. In fact, badminton shoes have the role of attenuating shocks and limiting the risk of injury. We recommend the Yonex badminton shoes, because they give you good support and easily accompany you in every movement. They are designed to offer you safety and a perfect grip. However, they remain totally light.

With a cushioning system and good ventilation, Yonex shoes improve comfort during the game and protect the ankles and knees. If you like beautiful things, you will be served. THE branded badminton shoes they feature nice colors and a modern design. Finally, they benefit from a good durability. When playing sports, the quality of clothing is also important. They must allow you to move easily and manage the humidity generated by sweat. The Yonex brand produces jerseys, skirts and shorts for badminton players.

You will appreciate their lightness which contributes to your comfort. Likewise, they remain fully breathable which is very useful when playing indoor sports. Like all Yonex badminton accessories, the clothes are designed with advanced and innovative technologies. The various colors are also suitable for the largest number. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Yonex has designed equipment to suit your level of play, plus you’ll find something for every budget. Finally, it should be noted that the brand’s shoes and clothing are a very good investment. You can use them for a long time.

Yonex badminton equipment

How to choose the right badminton racket for your style of play?

As we have mentioned, there are different types of players, with different levels and styles of play, the latter factor being particularly decisive in the game choosing your badminton racket. Rackets are designed with different materials which affect their effectiveness. In general, there are carbon, titanium, aluminum, graphite, tungsten rackets. If you are an amateur, we recommend steel or aluminum models. Note, however, that they are heavier than graphite ones.

In general, it’s best to choose a racket that is easy to lift and swing. You can also opt for flexible models due to their maneuverability. If you are used to the game, soft and semi-rigid rackets are perfect for you. Hard rackets are for the best players. They allow you to achieve an excellent level of precision and responsiveness. Also make sure you do badminton racket weight and its balance. The rackets weigh between 80 and more than 90 grams. Between 80 and 90 grams, you have an excellent balance, which can adapt to different levels and styles of play.

The heavier models are perfect for casual sports. Furthermore, you can choose from rackets with different levels of balance. To limit the risk of arm fatigue, we recommend models with neutral balance or in the sleeve. For the head, isometric frames are excellent and suitable for beginner games. Finally, depending on whether your game is variable or if you are more defensive, you will choose a versatile badminton racket or a more maneuverable racket. Remember that choosing the right racket protects you from injuries and helps improve your game.

Where to find the best Yonex gear?

Whether you’re looking for clothing, a bag, a racket or Yonex badminton shoes, you will have no trouble finding what you need. With its popularity, the brand is present in all sporting goods stores. To save yourself wasting time and have every chance of finding what you need, you can look for shops that specialize in the sale of Yonex equipment or in the brand’s favorite disciplines. In this way you will have the possibility to have a greater choice of models. You can also find your Yonex equipment online at specialized Yonex badminton equipment online stores. Keep in mind, however, that buying clothes or shoes online can be tricky.