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A road trip in the USA like in the movies


Successful films such as « Las Vegas Parano » or « Into the wild » popularized the idea of ​​traveling on American roads. Many tourists try to have this unique experience. If you want to take a road trip in the USA like in the movies, here are our tips.

The road trip in the United States: a journey that makes you dream

The road trip in the USA brings together all the ingredients of a dream trip. You have the option to discover incredible landscapes such as the Grand Canyon, the white dunes of New Mexico, the swamps of the Everglades or the glaciers of Alaska. Likewise, such an excursion on the roads allows you to enjoy absolute freedom of movement and gives you the opportunity to carry out activities at your own pace.

The road trip in the USA is also a way to experience aspects ofAmerican way of life : you will have the possibility to eat in the diners or sleep in famous motels with flashing neon lights.

Renting a car in the USA: our guide

The United States has the largest road network and second largest vehicle fleet in the world. The car is therefore most convenient means of transport to make your trip. There are many rental offers in the country. You have to choose according to your destination. For example, you will need choose a car rental in Las Vegas if you are going to start hit the streets you Nevada.

In principle, a French driving license allows you to drive on American roads. However, to avoid encountering administrative difficulties, it is preferable to have an international permit. Similarly, a foreigner must be at least 21 years old before driving a car in the United States. And you will need to use a bank card with the same name as the main driver.

Another important point, you must think about renting a sturdy car that has a large trunk to store your personal effects. Pickups and vans are good choices.

What are the routes and stages not to be missed?

With a road network of over 6 million kilometers, the possibilities for road travel in the United States are immense. Among the most mythical routes, we can mention route 66. Almost 4,000 km long, it connects Chicago, Illinois, to Santa Monica, California. It crosses a total of eight states and offers the greatest diversity of landscapes. There are many points of interest along Route 66. For example, it passes through Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. Due to its length, a full journey along this paved road can take more than ten days. But you can choose to cross only part of the country on your journey.

If you want to travel the American coasts, you can opt for a road trip California State Route 1, also called Highway 1. This is the name of the road that crosses the California coast from one end to the other. In all, it is more than 1,000 km long, although the most used stretch goes from San Francisco to San Diego. It takes at least five days to complete the course. One of the highlights of this trip is passing Big Sur Beach where you can watch a beautiful sunset and go hiking. This highway passes through other interesting cities such as Carmel or Santa Barbara. It is advisable to travel this section in spring or summer.

How do you budget for your trip?

There are four factors to consider: accommodation, car rental price, fuel cost and catering. The total amount you will have to pay will vary depending on the length of your trip. Motels are the most common type of hotel establishment in the United States. It is also the cheapest and most practical choice. Often, in fact, they are located not far from the highways and offer rates between 40 and 100 dollars a night.

To plan a budget for your trip this is equivalent to budgeting for car rental and fuel. Know that the average price of gasoline is around $1 a gallon. As for car rental, it can go from simple to triple depending on the company you choose. This is why you must opt ​​for a competitive company. The daily budget for meals is around $40 per person.