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6 destinations less than 3 hours by plane from Paris this summer


Are you looking for a trip to the sun with friends or family this summer, but without going too far or spending hours on planes? Good news, it’s entirely possible! Here you are 6 destinations less than 3 hours by flight from Paris. Are your suitcases ready? Only 3 hours by plane from Paris and you will have arrived at your destination!


If you’re looking for warmth and a change of scenery, there’s no need to go to the other side of the world. See you in Marrakech, a destination just 3 hours by flight from Paris ! She explores the medina, strolls in the souks in search of treasures and celebrates with mint tea and oriental pastries. For your accommodation, choose one of the many riads in the city, true cultural pearls of Marrakech.

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Andalusia is distinguished from the rest of Spain by its particularly marked Arab heritage, especially in terms of architecture. Therefore, if you decide to go on holiday to Andalusia, dedicate at least a week, or even two, to be able to explore all the wonders of the region. The majestic city of Granada will not leave you indifferent with its medieval acropolis and its gardens of rare beauty. Likewise, Seville will enchant you with its flamenco and its sublime fortified palace, the Alcázar. Also plan to stop in Cordoba and Cadiz.

castle sardinia spain

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Sardinia, this little corner of paradise promises mountains and wonders to its travellers. Enjoy its unique blend of landscapes, culture, remnants of the past, cuisine and relaxation during your stay on this enchanting Mediterranean island. In terms of beaches, go towards the Costa Smeralda for its crystal clear waters and idyllic coves. Also not to be missed is the Pink Beach on the island of Budelli.

The Balearics

From destinations 3 hours by plane from Paris or less the most popular, you can store your luggage in the Balearic Islands. With ideal summer temperatures and varied landscapes, ranging from beautiful inland beaches, this archipelago offers a relaxing journey conducive to new discoveries. Palma de Mallorcain particular, it presents itself as a city rich in history, coveted by many tourists.

From Porto to Lisbon, Portugal

Porto, the jewel of Portugal, is a destination less than 3 hours by plane from Paris which will not fail to seduce you. It is this destination with which we have chosen Marine & baby for this summer! This bucolic city, located in the heart of the banks of the Douro River, is a fascinating mix of history, extraordinary architecture and culture. Discover the alleys of the historic center, immersed in an authentic atmosphere. In Porto’s winding streets, you’ll discover architecture as timeless as its majestic cathedral.

port au portugal

Going down the coast of Portugal, it is the steep cliffs and golden sandy beaches that will surprise you. Get a full taste of the diversity of the landscapes of the Portuguese coasts passing by the typical fishing villages, then make a stop in Lisbon. The country’s capital invites you to explore its secret corners and let yourself be seduced by its sweet melody of fado and its sweet delicacies such as pastéis de nata. Although further south, Lisbon remains a destination less than 3 hours by flight from Paris !