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5 sunny cities for a weekend in Europe


How to find the sun in Europe for a weekend? In summer the days get longer and it’s normal to want to take advantage of the sun and the heat that it offers as much as possible! Luckily, in Europe, there are plenty of destinations that will be able to let you enjoy the sun. Between heat, magnificent landscapes and intoxicating culture, discover our selection of 5 sunny cities for a summer weekend in Europe.

Málaga, Spain

Located on the beautiful Costa del Sol, Malaga is renowned for its pleasant Mediterranean climate. A site study of Online casino Betway explains that with more than 300 days of sunshine a year, this Andalusian sum offers a true sunny paradise. Enjoy its beaches, its center full of picturesque stories and these delicious culinary specialties. Malaga is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate on a summer weekend.

Palermo, Italy

Palermo, Italy is a beautiful and dynamic city filled with cultural treasures. With friends or as a couple, it’s a perfect destination to enjoy the sun all year round (and especially in summer!), while exploring its magnificent churches, bustling markets and picturesque alleyways. Do not miss the famous Cathedral of Palermo, the Palazzo dei Normanni and the delights of Sicilian gastronomy.

Athens, Greece

Capital of Greece, Athens is a destination that shines under the sun, whatever the season. Extremely rich historical heritage, its emblematic monuments such as the Acropolis and its lively atmosphere, Athens offers an extraordinary experience during a weekend in Europe. Learn about the fascinating history of Greek civilization and stroll through the narrow streets of the Plaka district.

Lisbon, Portugal

The Portuguese capital, Lisbon, is a charming city that offers a sunny climate all year round. Perfect for spending a weekend there this summer! From its colorful cobbled streets, its breathtaking views of the Tagus and its historic districts, Lisbon has everything to please visitors seeking sun and adventure. Despite the heat which can sometimes be oppressive in summer, you can enjoy the alleys of Alfama, you will love to taste the pasteis de nata in the local patisseries. Let yourself be guided by the warm atmosphere of this bewitching city.

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Ragusa, Croatia

Dubrovnik is definitely one of the Croatian cities that could surprise you the most this summer. The very present sun will allow you to take advantage of it to visit this city full of cats. Visit the Rector’s Palace and the city walls which offer a magnificent view of this Croatian destination. Discover the museum about the war of Yugoslavia which lasted 4 years.

By choosing one of these five sunny European cities for a weekend in the summer, you are sure to get closer to the sun and experience unforgettable moments. Whether you prefer to relax on the beaches of Malaga in Spain, discover the historical heritage of Athens or lose yourself in the bustling streets of Lisbon, these destinations will offer you a ray of sunshine that will perfect your tanned complexion for the start of the school year. Book your holiday in the sun now and get ready for an amazing experience!