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4 interesting activities to do during your holidays in Sardinia


Wild and beautiful, the Italian region of Sardinia is a slice of paradise and a favorite destination for lovers of beach holidays. It is an island in the Mediterranean and at the same time one of the largest regions of Italy. It has more than 300 beaches, a coastline of several thousand kilometers and a panoply of coves bordered by nature. Clearly, it is the ideal destination for enjoying sunny days by the sea and dedicating yourself to many activities of all kinds. If you are thinking of spending your next holidays in Sardinia, here are 4 activities you can try.

Rent a boat and explore the coast

Sardinia is a land of legends and myths that surprises with its own authentic and pleasant environment. If the route by land allows you to get to know the history of the region sufficiently, a navigation on its coasts will be an opportunity for you to retrace the most beautiful routes, and this while enjoying an exceptional landscape. . And even if you don’t have a boat license, you can do it spend unforgettable holidays by renting a sailboat with skipper deposit explore the coast. Mastering the region to perfection, he will be able to take you to the most beautiful places. You and your travel companions will be able to visit different coves and enjoy a sea that dwarfs any desire for the Caribbean.

For a boat trip in Sardinia there are many routes and ports of departure. For example, you have the option to organize a sea ​​trip from Santa Teresa di Gallura to La Maddalena. With family, friends or as a couple, this outing will be an opportunity to sail and discover the surroundings of the islands of the archipelago, but also to practice other nautical activities such as snorkelling off the most emblematic ones in the region.

Furthermore, a sea trip from Alghero could also please you. The atmosphere is very relaxed and calm it will do you the best good and the Riviera del Corallo will surprise you with its beauty. For those wishing to explore the southern side of Sardinia, a boat trip from Villasimius or Cagliari is the perfect choice.

As you will have understood, the must-see places in this region are endless and it is almost impossible to visit everything during your vacation. However, a guide will guide you to the best attractions for an unforgettable holiday.

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Visit Nuraghe Losa in Sardinia

During your holidays in Sardinia, don’t limit yourself to nautical activities, because the region is full of many other riches that you can enjoy. This is the case of Nuraghe Losa, a one of a kind tourist site that tourists love to visit. Nurache and slabs is its original name and translates into French as « nuraghe of the tombs ». This tourist attraction owes its name to the Roman cinerary urns found near this place. Nuraghe Losa stands out for its original shape and stands on the high basaltic plateau of Abbasanta.

As you walk around this mighty structure, you can notice far-sighted views reminiscent of a ship’s high prow. It is a characterizing and very notable expression of thenuragic architecture. The structure is characterized by organic designs and refined masonry techniques. All around the site the remains of a very large settlement are perfectly preserved.

Go on a hike in the Gennargentu National Park

The Gennargentu National Park, which is located southeast of Nuoro, promises many surprises. It houses the Punta La Marmosa which it appears to be the highest peak in Sardinia and which culminates at an altitude of 1834 meters. It is an area extremely rich in attractions that the Romans once called « Barbagia » which means barbarian, for the simple reason that it is an area that is impossible to conquer.

Hiking in this area isn’t complicated, but it’s important to be careful, as some spots can be steep and dizzying. If there are several routes, the one that leads to the Nuragic village of Tiscali which is located at an altitude of 420 m in the heart of the massif is one of the most popular. The path is bordered by Mediterranean scrub which also protects from the harsh summer sun. This excursion alternates panoramic mountain views and pine valleys. We recommend that you leave with some supplies, a meal if you plan to take a picnic, or at least a bottle of water per person. You will not have the possibility to refuel during the journey.

During the excursion, which lasts about 2 hours before reaching the village, enjoy the nature and the view of the sea. The nuragic village is an authentic place. It’s a spectacular archaeological site being inside a huge cave. There’s an entrance fee, but it’s worth it, as you’re guided through the ruins and can learn enough about the way of life of the ancients who lived there. The story is really fascinating.

You have the option totry other routes like the one that leads to the Su Gorropu canyon, the largest in Europe. You can swim in it when the stream is full of water, especially in spring.

Hiking in Sardinia

Take a tour of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia

As we have explained to you, the beaches in Sardinia are innumerable and if you are looking for the most beautiful, start with that of Cala Figera This uncrowded white pebble beach is a relaxing place where you can swim and enjoy a relaxing landscape. Snorkel here after a family picnic. However, you can still taste the specialties of the region by turning to a restaurant near the beach.

THE Poetto beach, Tuerredda beach, Platamona and Porto Giunco they are also popular beaches for vacationers. These are places where you can enjoy sailing and many other water activities. Having said that, the beaches of La Pelosa, Solanas and Rena Majori are also unanimous. Don’t hesitate to try them.