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3 textile equipment to protect your legs

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To lose weight or maintain good physical health, playing a sport is always beneficial. Whether it’s running, gymnastics or strength training, sport often puts a lot of strain on the legs. It is therefore important to protect them from the risk of injury. Check out some equipment that will do your athletic legs good.

The knee pad to protect the joints

Indispensable for the balance of the body, the joints of the legs are no less sensitive to shocks. THE the knee pads are specially designed to protect these highly stressed joints during intense movement. In fact, this equipment exerts a compressive action on the knee, reducing pain. In fact, they constitute a barrier that helps prevent injuries in order to facilitate the practice of one’s activity in complete safety.

Also, the knee pads can accompany you in a recovery process or return to sport. They are also known as medical devices. Kneepads help stabilize your knees and help support them, leaving you free to move. They are just as essential if you practice sliding sports as if you practice weight training, whether in training or in competition.

You will understand the importance of having knee pads if you are a beginner athlete or if you have any previously reported knee injuries. In specialized shops you will find ligament knee pads, patella knee pads and even support knee pads. When choosing your knee brace, you’ll want to make sure it’s comfortable and has an adjustable system for a good fit. Likewise, it must have a good protective surface to be effective in the event of a fall.

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Sports: shorts to prevent injuries

Many athletes adopt the shorts among their sports accessories essential. For good reason, this gear works like thigh armor. When cycling, playing tennis or practicing combat sports, the shorts ensure a certain amount of compression around the muscles they provide support. This action helps reduce the intensity of muscle pain resulting from physical effort. In addition, it is particularly effective in promoting muscle recovery.

Likewise, this gear limits and absorbs shock during activity. It helps you relieve muscle fatigue. THE shorts save you from cramps, which are particularly unpleasant during a sports session and even after. It offers you a lot of comfort and lightness. With such an accessory, you gain responsiveness, stability and freedom of movement. Note that you can improve your performance with suitable shorts. Similar to a second skin, the shorts easily adapt to the needs of each athlete.

Support your ankle with an ankle brace

Designed to support the ankle, the ankle brace is one of the accessories that is difficult to do without when you are a sports lover. In fact, apart from the knees, the ankles are particularly sensitive. All it takes is a lateral movement for an injury to occur. There the anklet is the right equipment to provide ankle support. Its advantages are many. This accessory protects the joint and limits the risk of injury and even recurrence.

Similar to stockings, the ankle brace provides secure support for athletes whose support is often used. You will also need the ankle brace in case of a sprain or other injury. This orthopedic device contributes to faster healing of the injured part and gently accompanies you to resume your sporting activities. Note that the the anklet exists in different designs. So you have to choose it according to your needs.