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3 exercises to develop biceps

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The biceps are one of the most used muscles in bodybuilding. To develop this part of the arms, bodybuilding enthusiasts can choose between different types of exercises. I introduce you in particular 3 effective exercises to develop biceps.

The standing dumbbell curl, a special exercise to develop your arms

The standing dumbbell curl on an incline bench is the quintessential exercise for massive arms. It really is thebasic exercise to strengthen biceps. It’s a blend of concentrated curl and curl on a desk. In practice, this movement is quite simple and particularly effective. It is also an exercise that all great strength sports enthusiasts will do in their classes.

This barbell exercise isolates the biceps by applying more tension to the arm. To do this work, stand upright with a dumbbell in hand. Also, make sure the bench is set at about a 45-degree angle. Next, stand at the top end of the bench, then lift the back of your arm to extend it until the dumbbell almost touches the bench. Contract your biceps, then slowly lift the dumbbell to a high position. Repeat the exercise as many times as you like and renew the movement with the other hand.

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Desk Hammer Grip Dumbbell Curls

THE dumbbell hammer curl it is a little-known but particularly effective exercise. It is really very difficult to cheat with this type of practice, since all the load is concentrated on the biceps. This work allows you to quickly feel the weight of the dumbbells on your muscles. The hammer curl with dumbbells works both the brachial biceps (short and long) and the brachioradialis muscle. It is also important to note that tension is present during this exercise. Sitting on the bench, take a dumbbell in your right hand and rotate it so you have a neutral grip. Contract your forearm and make a slow movement towards lift the handlebars as high as possible. Then slowly lower the dumbbell to the starting position. This work can also be done by lightly squeezing your hands without squeezing them too much.

The dumbbell hammer curl, a very interesting arm exercise

The dumbbell hammer curl is one of the best exercises to start strength training your arms and forearms. This exercise is particularly recommended to increase the volume of the forearms and biceps. THE hammer curl it’s a relatively simple exercise.

The dumbbell hammer curl primarily works the biceps brachii as well as the brachioradialis… As most curl exercises, the tension is greatest at the beginning of the movement. To perform this workout, stand upright with your arms placed alongside your body and your hands extended. Bend one of your forearms and alternate one arm after the other.

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