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3 destination ideas for a family weekend with the baby


Are you going to spend a pleasant family weekend with your child in France ? But above all, ask where to go to find a destination that fits your pace. Fortunately, there are many places in France to spend a short family break. Now, I’m sharing with you three destinations that cater to the needs of kids without ignoring the wishes of older kids.

Go to the mountains with the child

Going to the mountains with a baby, in summer as in winter, means enjoying the clean air, nature, swimming in the lake and family excursions all together. The mountain offers a number of advantages for a peaceful stay with a small child. However, it is preferableavoid mountainous regions above 1200 meters. In fact, babies under the age of one still have fragile eardrums.

A weekend at the beach with the baby

In order not to expose the sensitive skin of yours child in the sun, it will be better to lean towards an area where the sun is not too intense. To protect your little darling from heatstroke, the Opal Coast remains a more than conceivable choice. With its long sandy beaches, mild temperatures in summer and numerous sports and leisure activities for children, this region will keep the whole family entertained.

children's beach holiday

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Animal parks in France with the family

Share family weekend with child which brings magical moments, why not consider a visit to a wildlife park? It’s a unique opportunity to explore the fascinating world of wildlife with your little one. During this adventure, your child will be able to discover a wide variety of animals and observe their behavior. In strolleryour little one can easily fall asleep while the older brother or sister will still enjoy the animal show.